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Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy

nutrition with Cbt-hypnotherapy

Nutrition & CBT-Hypnotherapy


Open every Monday 12-1pm and Thursday 1-2pm GMT
Online walk-in hours*

Book a slot during the free walk-in hours to 
- get to know how I work
- explain your issue and understand  if I can help you
- ask about workshops I can offer to a small group (>6 ind) or your company
- or ask any other question about services I offer. 
*This is a service I offer and there's no obligation to continue.
About Me
Nutrition & CBT-Hypnotherapy


I've studied Nutrition and Health at Amsterdam University, obtained my masters degree (MSc) in Behavioural Biology at the University of Utrecht and defended my PhD at the University of Amsterdam on Great Ape diet & the Evolution of Human diet. Furthermore, I specialized in Orthomolecular Nutrition Therapy at the Dutch Ortho Institute and I became a Digestive Intensive Graduate and Full Body System Graduate of the Functional Nutrition Alliance (USA). I obtained my diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Dip, CBH level 5), which specifically focuses on evidence based practice. My training also equips me to deliver relaxation, mindfulness, and assertiveness coaching. 


Because of my scientific background, I like to read published articles to keep myself fully updated with any new discoveries and advances in the fields of nutrition and biomedicine as well as attending to international conferences and workshops on these topics.


Though I lived for several years in the swamps of Borneo and the low mountain rainforests of Sumatra during my studies (where I met my Portuguese man), I am now the mum of two beautiful and naughty girls living in Warwickshire. I am in love with books, herbs, raw chocolate, turmeric lattes, and any tweak and hack that brings human neurophysiology, habits and achievements to their full potential.

Registered Hypnotherapy practitioner
Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate
Accredited Hypnotherapy practitioner
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Nutrition & CBT-Hypnotherapy

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Nutrition & CBT-Hypnotherapy



Tel: +447984161003


Abstract Horizon


Nutrition & CBT-Hypnotherapy

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