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Every client has its own bio individuality and therefore, I adjust the healing protocol to your specific needs, symptoms and cultural heritage.


Science and empirical research are an integral part of my education and I'll work accordingly.

Tailored to your needs and goals

During the initial session we start with setting SMART goals to clarify your needs and goals.


With psycho-education I will provide you a rationale of the approach I'm taking. And I'll only work with you if your presenting issue is within my scope of competence. 

Step-by-step approach

I'll make sure to communicate with you how quick or slow the implementation can be. Therefore I offer one-change sessions to make change easier, effective and long-lasting. 

Client-centred and Feedback

Your experience is my top priority. I’ll create a safe and non-judgemental space for you to feel understood and to be honest. Through questioning and feedback, we’ll create a meaningful and effective working alliance together. 

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