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I often get asked what products do I use or what products do I recommend. I thought it would be helpful to create a resource of my most recommended products. Check out my Other Resources page to find out about these products.


When helping clients I give meal planners to facilitate the individually tailored recommendations. However, to diversify and stimulate our senses, I also recommend cookbooks. Check out my Cooking Books page to find some of my favourite cookbooks to make delicious and healthy meals. 


Please note: many of these links are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, I make a small commission that is used to help keep this website running. I only link to products I personally use and support and if you purchase through my links, you have my sincere thanks! Most importantly, the price of the item is the same or less for you whether it is an affiliate link or not. Read more about affiliate links.

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