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a NEW you

Spring is THE time for a cleanse, for renewal and for cleaning up. You just FEEL it, with the first beautiful days and with more daylight hours. You feel your energy growing, you will want to become more active, you want to take care of yourself, from the inside and the outside. But can you really renew yourself in such a short time? Read here about the time it takes to renew your cells. Cell renewal? Many people think that the body is something that is permanent, you are born, you grow up and then you stop growing and after a number of years in full energy and strength it all goes down. But ... most of the cells of your body are constantly renewing. This is good news because it increases your chances of making real positive changes, even when you are older! So below, you find an overview of the time your cells need to renew themselves in several areas of your body. TONGUE Your tongue is covered with about 9,000 taste buds, with about 50 taste cells per taste bud. The taste buds take between 7-14 days to regenerate. This is fantastic to know if you want to avoid eating refined sugars. Leave refined sugars out of your diet for 2 weeks and your taste buds are renewed and you will taste the real pure taste of the food you eat. However, if you have an infection or if you smoke your taste buds will be damaged and it will take longer for your taste buds to renew. INTESTINES The villi of the intestines, the finger-like structures that increase the surface area and help absorping nutrients, have a very short life span: 2-3 days. The mucus of the intestines have a lifespan of about 5 days. Rapid changes in the intestines are recently shown by an American research team when people changed their diet (plant-based - meat based diet). The cells deeper in your intestine need more time to renew. However these rapid changes provides great perspective! LIVER The liver is THE detoxifier of all the toxins that we ingest, and is known for its self-healing ability. Liver cells regenerate approximately every 150 days. However, it may take a year before the liver completely renews itself. The time depends mainly on the amount of toxins you ingest daily. SKIN The surface of the skin needs about 2-4 weeks to renew itself. This is necessary if we are having a wound. But..,how come we get wrinkles? Unfortunately, this has to do with the loss of collagen and elasticity as we age. So, each cell has its own life cycle, we are for that matter constantly renewing. And this gives us all the opportunity to make ourselves healthier in a relatively short time. Spring is a perfect time to work on ourselves. The liver is not yet renewed until the summer, but it is getting close... In practice Have a detox treatment still planned for this month (please under supervision!). Or if you want to have a less intense cleanse, eat products that help in your bodies detoxification. More on that in another post! Do you feel you need a cleanse? And what are your experiences with a cleanse?

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